Monroe Community Mental Health Authority
Home Based Treatment Programs
Home Based Treatment Programs
Home Based Programs and Requirements

Monroe Community Mental Health Authority’s Home Based treatment programs are designed to provide intensive services in the home and community for families with children with severe emotional, behavioral or co-occurring disorders. A minimum of two hours a week of home or community based clinical treatment is a requirement for involvement in all home based services programs.

The goal of the Home Based services programs is to help keep high risk children and families together and to empower children and their families to achieve lasting stability and recovery for the family and the child. Children’s Intensive Home Based treatment program serves children ages 3-17. Home based clinicians also carry smaller caseloads to allow for greater availability and involvement with their families.

Parent Infant Mental Health Program

The Parent Infant Program provides home based treatment, outreach services and supports to families with infants from pre-birth to three years of age. The primary goal of this program is to support the development of secure and healthy infant–parent relationships for families who have concerns about their infant’s social and emotional development. Referrals to this program are made primarily by community agencies and/or health care providers and may be made as early as the last three months of pregnancy. Preference is given to mothers having a mental illness, a developmental disability and teen mothers, although others may also apply for this service.

Parent Infant services are provided by Master’s level clinicians who specialize in working with infant mental health concerns. Typical services available to families in the infant mental health program are the same as listed in the available services section above.