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Services for Children and Families

The child and family services department provides specialty services and interventions to children and youth age 0 through 17 with severe emotional disturbances and/or developmental disabilities residing in Monroe County.


When developing your child and family centered treatment plan with your clinician, a variety of services may be available for you based on your child’s medical necessity. Typically available services include the following.

  • Individual therapy for your child
  • Family Therapy
  • Case management Services to assist with developing, linking or coordinating with other community resources and agencies that may be involved with the child or family. Case management services also include assessment, planning, monitoring and advocating for consumers to receive needed services such as dental services, housing, employment, education and other social services.
  • Support Coordination Services to assist with Planning and/or facilitating planning using person-centered principles, developing an individual plan of service using the person-centered planning process, linking to, coordinating with, follow-up of, advocacy with, and/or monitoring of Specialty Services and Supports and other community services/supports, brokering of providers of services/supports, assistance with access to entitlements and/or legal representatives, coordination with the Medicaid or other health care providers.
  • Respite Services for temporary relief of stress on the family and to prevent further risk for the family.
  • Family Support and Training Services to assist the family or child with developing personal, relational, or community skills needed to achieve their goals.
  • Specialty Services from a psychologist, occupational therapist or speech therapist to address behavioral problems, sensory deficits or skill development needs.
  • Safety and crisis planning
  • Crisis services available 24 hours a day from MCMHA as appropriate to stabilize and resolve crisis situations
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Services to address needs for medication related to mental health diagnosis.
  • Home Based Services designed to provide intensive services in the home and community for families with children with severe emotional, behavioral or co-occurring disorders. A minimum of two hours a week of home or community based clinical treatment is a requirement for involvement in all home based services programs. The goal of the Home Based services programs is to help keep high risk children and families together and to empower children and their families to achieve lasting stability and recovery for the family and the child. Children’s Intensive Home Based treatment program serves children ages 3-17. Home based clinicians also carry smaller caseloads to allow for greater availability and involvement with their families.
  • Wraparound Services are available for families who have a high risk of concern for a child to be placed outside of the home in a hospital, residential, foster care or institutional setting. Wraparound services may also be available for high risk children and families who are involved in multiple community agencies or systems. The goal of the Wraparound process is to help families stabilize difficult situations and for the child and family to achieve a fulfilling, law abiding and constructive life in the community with minimal agency based supports. The wraparound process is based on individualized, strength based, needs driven planning and service delivery that seeks to fully involve the child, the family and all key service delivery agencies and natural supports in the development and delivery of a single, seamless and comprehensive plan to help the child. The plan is intensive, flexible and is continually evaluated and modified based on the child and family’s developing strengths and evolving needs. The Wraparound planning process is intended to bring the services of multiple agencies that may be involved in a child’s life into one coordinated and effective plan that more comprehensively and seamlessly meets the need of the child and family.
  • Infant Mental Health Services provide home based treatment, outreach services and supports to families with infants from pre-birth to three years of age. The primary goal of this program is to support the development of secure and healthy infant–parent relationships for families who have concerns about their infant’s social and emotional development. Referrals to this program are made primarily by community agencies and/or health care providers and may be made as early as the last three months of pregnancy. Preference is given to mothers having a mental illness, a developmental disability and teen mothers, although others may also apply for this service.
  • Children’s Community Outreach Therapy provides Community Outreach to help identify children and families in need of mental health services. Community Outreach will focus on children that are at risk of developing a Serious Emotional Disturbance and may not be currently presenting for services. The Community Outreach program will enhance the community’s resources available to families that might have previously been overlooked despite having needs no matter how small they may first appear. Services may include short term community based therapy services, assistance in navigating community resources and referrals to community agencies.
  • Other services may also be available and recommended in accordance with Medicaid guidelines and as determined to be medically necessary and as found in the Michigan Medicaid Provider manual at You may also request a copy of this manual from the child and family department.
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If you would like more information about the services provided for children and families, please call Monroe Community Mental Health Authority at (734) 243-7340 or (800) 886-7340.