The Clubhouse Model is an evidence based practice that began in New York City in the 1950’s. The Club House model was founded by a group of recently discharged psychiatric patients who identified the need for community and encouragement to support recovery and life goals. The Clubhouse Model is based on the foundation of meaningful relationships in which Clubhouse Members and Staff complete the work of the Clubhouse side by side. Clubhouses are designed to prove that people who live with a mental health diagnosis should, can and do lead productive, fulfilled, and autonomous lives. With that belief in mind, Clubhouses provide members with the opportunity to return to work, pursue education goals and live a healthy and happy life. Crossroads Clubhouse was recently awarded an accreditation status from Clubhouse International. This was the result of a year-long strenuous focus on evaluating compliance and adherence to the Clubhouse International Standards. To obtain this status the Clubhouse community had to prove fidelity to approximately 40 standards as set by Clubhouse International. As a result, the average daily attendance and active attendance of the program more than doubled. The Clubhouse supported several members in obtaining independent employment, and created two thriving transitional employment placements. Community partnerships with local businesses and organizations are the cornerstone of the program and provide a foundation to support Clubhouse members in living fulfilled, healthy and autonomous lives. With the award of the accreditation the Clubhouse joined the ranks of 28 other accredited clubhouses in the state of Michigan, making Michigan the national leader for Clubhouses that have successfully been granted an accreditation status.
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