If you have a complaint, concern, comment, suggestions, or just want to talk, we’re happy to assist.

Give us a call at (734) 243-7340 to get in touch.

Service Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

*Off hours appointments available upon request.

Here are some of the things Customer Services can help with:

  • Orienting new consumers to our system and services.
  • Providing assistance with understanding your available benefits or any problems relating to benefits, along with any charges, co-pays or fees.
  • Complaints or problems with services you are receiving.
  • Accessing transportation for medically necessary services.
  • Information about our current provider panel.
  • Access to information about our regional partners including annual reports, organizational charts, board minutes/members/meeting schedule.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, or you would like a different option, Monroe CMHA is accredited by the Joint Commission andyou can file a complaint with The Joint Commission in the following ways:

Recipient Rights: The Recipient Rights Office is here to make sure your rights as a consumer are protected while receiving services.


As a consumer of MCMHA, you have rights that are protected by law. If you feel your rights as a consumer are being violated, contact Recipient Rights or Customer Services immediately. Examples of your rights include:

  • Receive services that meet your needs.
  • Receive services in a safe, sanitary and humane environment.
  • Know the benefits and consequences of your services.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect when receiving services.
  • Be free from abuse or neglect.
  • Have your information kept confidential

For more information about your rights as a consumer, download the full handbook (available in English, Spanish, and Arabic, as well as audio format).


You may also contact the following advocacy organizations to assist you.

  • Alliance for the Mentally Ill (AMI) – (800) 331-4264
  • ARC of Monroe County – (734) 241-5881
  • Association for Children’s Mental Health – (800) 782-0883
  • Michigan Disability Rights Coalition – (800) 760-4600
  • Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services – (800) 288-5923
  • United Cerebral Palsy-Michigan – (800) 828-8905