The Crossroads Clubhouse is a psychological rehabilitation program that provides members the chance to lead normal and productive lives. We give people with mental illnesses the chance to form long-term relationships, obtain employment, education, and more.

Consumers in the Crossroads Clubhouse receive:

  • Work assignments and skill-building based on their interests and talents.
  • A voice in Clubhouse decision-making.
  • Opportunities to obtain employment.
  • Assistance in accessing education.
  • Evening and weekend social activities.

Working together

Working side-by-side with staff, consumers are placed in work-ordered units where they are given the tools to discover their talents and interests in a variety of areas including:

  • Food Service – All aspects of meal preparation including menu planning, purchasing, meal preparation, sanitation and culinary arts presentation.
  • Clerical – All aspects of office work including receptionist, telephone answering and messages, typing, newsletter and bus ticket distribution.
  • Facilities – All aspects of the general maintenance and upkeep of the physical plant inside and out and operating the General Store.
  • Vocational – All aspects of employment, including Volunteering, Transitional Employment, supported and independent employment, as well as educational opportunities.

Who can join?

Adults with a serious mental illness are eligible to join the Crossroads Clubhouse. If you are interested, call Monroe Community Mental Health Authority at (734) 243-7340 to schedule a tour.