All Day Medication Training

Follow the steps and instructions below to complete the training:

Step 1:       Please read/review the All Day Med Training Slide Show

Step 2:       Handout: “The Six Rights; Clozaril; Critical Lab Values”

  • Video briefly reviews and emphasizes the importance of each (1:50 to 7:00)

Step 3:       Exercise: “Pharmacy Labels”

Step 4:       Exercise: “The THREE (3) Rule” and “Strength-Amount-Dose”

Step 5:       Medication Test

Step 6:       Transcription Exercise

Step 7:       Transcription Test

  • Home Managers oversee and administer the Transcription Test
  • Home Managers correct Transcription Test with each employee
  • Transcription Test is Pass or Fail (No specific grade given)
  • Home Managers report Pass/Fail grade to Dawn Pratt

Step 8:       Report Test Grades

  • Home Managers to Send Dawn Pratt the Comprehension Test grade and Transcription Test Pass/Fail along with the full name of the staff, specify which training was taken (Medication or Medication Refresher), date the training was taken and date the staff is registered in GOSIGNMEUP to
  • Medication Training Certificate will be generated in GOSIGNMEUP and emailed to the Home Manager

Medication Training Video

Training Materials (Also included in the steps above)

    3. 6 Rights, Clozaril, Critical Labs
    4. THE 3 RULE and Strength, Amount, Dose
    5. Medication Test
    6. Vincent Winthrop Practice Skills Transcription
    7. Transcription Test