Medication Training Refresher

Follow the steps and instructions below to complete the training:

Step 1:       Please read/review the REFRESHER Med Training Slide Show

Step 2:       Handout: “The Six Rights; Clozaril; Critical Lab Values”

  • Video briefly reviews and emphasizes the importance of each (1:50 to 7:00)

Step 3:       Exercise: “Pharmacy Labels”

  • “What’s Wrong with the Label?”
  • Video reviews and presents answers to what is wrong with each label (7:00 to 22:23)

Step 4:       Exercise: “The THREE (3) Rule” and “Strength-Amount-Dose”

Step 5:       Medication Test

Step 6:       Transcription Exercise

Step 7:       Transcription Test

  • Home Managers oversee and administer the Transcription Test
  • Home Managers correct Transcription Test with each employee
  • Transcription Test is Pass or Fail (No specific grade given)
  • Home Managers report Pass/Fail grade to Dawn Pratt

Step 8:       Report Test Grades

  • Home Managers to Send Dawn Pratt the Comprehension Test grade and Transcription Test Pass/Fail along with the full name of the staff to
  • Medication Training Certificate will be generated in GOSIGNMEUP and emailed to the Home Manager

Medication Training Video

Training Materials (Also included in the steps above)

  1. REFRESHER-Med-Training-Course
  3. 6 Rights, Clozaril, Critical Labs
  4. THE 3 RULE and Strength, Amount, Dose
  5. Medication Test
  6. Vincent Winthrop Refresher Transcription Exercise
  7. Transcription Test